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Adult Sunday School - Winter 2018-19

From December 2018 through February 2019 our Study Session is entitled "1 & 2 Timothy and Titus"

We will study the book of 1 Timothy in these following lessons:

  1. Dec. 2: Go Forward in Christ
  2. Dec. 9: Go Forward in Prayer
  3. Dec. 16: Go Forward in Goodness
  4. Dec 23: Go Forward in Practice
We will study the book of 2 Timothy in these following lessons:
  1. Dec 30: Guard the Gospel Like Those Before You
  2. Jan 6: Guard the Gospel Like Solders of Christ
  3. Jan 13: Guard the Gospel Against Attack
  4. Jan 20: Guard the Gospel Like Paul
We will study the book of Titus in these following lessons:
  1. Jan 27: Grow in Godly Leadership
  2. Feb. 3: Grow Despite of Ungodly Groups
  3. Feb. 10: Grow in Godly Truth
  4. Feb. 17: Grow in Godly Works
  5. Feb. 24: Grace Be With You 
Please join us as the Holy Sprit leads us to get closer to God with study of His Word.

Adult Sunday School begins at 9:45 AM prior to our Worship Service.


Our Worship Service Time Has Changed!

Worship Service is at 11:00 AM

Sunday School is at 9:45 AM



Check out our new BLOG page. I will make posts here from time to time, and touch on some current issues in the Church and/or in society. It is set up for RSS feeds, if you want to read the posts that way!


Living Out the Christian Worldview

How important is a worldview? Is there really any difference between the secular worldview, and the Christian worldview?

This week at Covenant, we are going to return to Romans 12:1-2, and expand upon the importance of a Christian worldview. The secular world denies much of what Christians claim, and Christians can become discouraged in trying to defend their position, because adherents to both worldviews use the same facts... what are we to do? – Renew our minds!

Come and join us at 9:30 this Lord's Day, as we consider this very important topic.



Joint Service

This Lord's Day we will have a joint service with New Amity ARP Church in Statesville, NC.

Covenant will not have service this week, but we will still join together in the Lord to hear Dr. Alan Avera speak at New Amity. Dr. Avera is a professor of evangelism at Erskine Theological Seminary, and the Director of Outreach North America (ONA). We all look forward to hearing Dr. Avera speak.

We look forward to this time of fellowship and encouragement in the Lord with our brothers and sisters New Amity.

Please feel free to join us at New Amity on Sunday, June 24. All are invited!